First Time Home Buyer Programs

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New homeownership programs allow qualified buyers to buy a home with a very low down payment (in some cases as low as zero). Use one of the many programs that are available for all Shelby County residents and those looking to relocate here. Programs are available for city employees, Veterans, low-income workers, first time buyers and many more. First time home buyer programs in Memphis TN also Shelby County are available from multiple sources. Shelby County down payment assistance, THDA, Bankcorp South and the city of Memphis are some of those currently helping those needing down payment assistance. 

**In order to qualify for these programs you need**
**A consistent employment history**
**A minimum Credit Score of 625** (May Vary)
(Recent Graduates, Retirees & Disable persons with NO Score we can help.)

**Some cash for down-payment**
Programs available for down-payment assistance

If you do not meet these criteria don't give up!! We will be happy to assist you in determining your situation and getting you in touch with a non-profit credit counselor. 

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