Memphis TN has consistently been one the best markets for Real Estate Investors.  The (ROI) return on investment and the lower barrier price points allows investors around the world to allow their dollars to go further and yield more.  With over 10 Yrs of experience in assisting clients in 36 states and 16 countries, we have assisted clients to save tens of thousands by getting properties straight from the source/seller and not be over charged by a real estate investment firm with inflated numbers that often do not represent the true values or sound returns on the ground.

 Our concierge service of investing takes the worry out purchasing an asset in a different state or country. We assist from start to finish; from setting up an LLC to get started, investment property acquisition and property management.  We have developed a full team of professionals; including real estate attorneys, lenders, property management companies and licensed contractors to ensure that your investment strategy has the resources and expertise that is needed to be successful.  It's not easy for the average investor to find the right deals, understand the area and know the property/asset they are assessing is being evaluated in an unbias manner that is not one-sided and being lead down the wrong path by those looking out for their best interest and not yours. 


  Our consulting services assist you with exploring the type of investment properties that works best for your strategy.  Whether turn-key properties, tenanted homes, fixer uppers or those off market or individual seller.  Whatever your strategy we focus on getting you the properties that fit your criteria without the added cost of locating similar properties elsewhere. 

 As an independent professional with an extensive background of working with investors over 10 years, I have assisted hundreds of clients in maximizing their real estate investing needs. By providing real time market analysis,  proprietary  access to homes not on the market and priced lower than real estate investment properties.  We present to our clients to factor in true values, appreciation projections, rent ranges, renovation bids and on the ground visuals of areas and subject property. 

For your free list of income producing properties, numbers and your free consultation; just fill out the request on this page. You will receive a FREE report listing the New properties (including photos if available) in your desired price range and location. There is no cost for this information, and absolutely no obligation.  This insider information, sent to you in an incredibly simple and efficient format, will give you a huge advantage over other investors in the marketplace.

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