Investing in real estate can be a great idea and Memphis TN is one of the best cash flowing/ ROI (return on investment) markets in the USA. But the distance and the lack of  transparency,  oversight and horror stories can cause for serious concern.  

Our independent consulting services  of license real estate experts assist you with vetting properties from any investment firm or online in Memphis or surrounding areas. We make sure the areas are ideal for your comfort, renovation oversight and/or second bids to ensure the numbers are actual and realistic. 

We know that some investors that really need our services has already have had terrible experiences and help to get things on track or worse to sell some money pit homes. 

 As a independent professionals with an extensive background of working with investors over 7 years with real time market information that only license agents have immediate access. We present to our clients with information to factor in true values, appreciation projections, rent ranges, renovation bids and on the ground visuals of areas. 

If you are looking to get your properties turned around with good tenants, management or need to sell fast; then our free consultation is for you.  

Also, we can save you thousands in the direct access to the same homes the investments groups buy and resale at a premium.